General pricing for technology usage

Note: that actual prices can vary widely based on many factors, including the specific technology, the size and budget of the museum, the complexity of the implementation, and ongoing costs for maintenance and updates.

Concept design

The creation of an overarching vision for how technology will be used in the museum to enhance visitor experiences, facilitate learning, and improve operations. Price is a percentage of the full cost of the museum ranging from 5% to 15% according tho the innovation level of our proposal.


It is the core of our activities. It consists of several key steps aimed at identifying, projecting, developing new technologies or for scouting, evaluating, adapting existing technologies to meet the museum’s specific needs and objectives.
It includes the cost of engineering, hardware, software, installation services and project management. Pricing could be tiered based on the complexity and scale of the system. Basic (Single technology): $15.000 – Advanced (new tech-dev): $100.000


This is the cost of creating and developing the VR – AR – XR real time content that will be displaed. This could include the cost of filming, editing, and developing interactive features. Turn-key Price could be based on the length and complexity of the content. Basic Content (1 Minutes of Video): $10.000 – Advanced Content (1 Minutes of Video): $100,000

Fit up / Set-Up

Refers to the process of installing and uninstalling all the scenography that incorporate the technologies according the creative project. Turn-key Price could be based on complexity of the Museum / Pavilion. Basic approach could be around $200.000 – Advanced approach has no limit

Maintenance and Updates

This is the cost of maintaining the system and updating the content. It could include technical support, hardware and software updates, and new content creation. This could be charged as an annual fee.

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