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Prism is a day-light resistant 360° giant holographic theater. Most Holographic displays on the market require a dark room in order to project holograms. The Holographic Theater, instead, guarantees an image that it’s clearly visible in a wide variety of environments, being resistant to natural and intense light. Features a clear and well-defined tridimensional circular hologram that guarantees a powerful and lasting impact on the viewer. Seemingly “free-floating” 3D holograms that explain details, features, and unique selling points. Can reach a wider audience compared to its competitors, thanks to the large size of the projection. Images up to 2m in height and circumference, allow to present business or products in bigger events and reach a larger audience. The viewer can get involved directly with the projections with simple and intuitive gestures of the hands, that allow to rotate and magnify the hologram, making it an immersive and interactive experience.

Hologram in-the-box

Prisma was the first 360° hologram operating in full & intense light granting an image clearly visible in natural and intense light environment.
Our off the shelf systems, are up to 2×2 metres size, delivering 1 metre hologram.
Based on this experience, we have realised a significant number of holographic display and theatres with sizes of the holographic window up to 20 square metres. with crispy holographic projections.
Recently we started producing hologram in the box where in case of two metre high by 1 metre, we can receive and we can interact with a holographic image.

NewGen 360

It’s the vanguard in immersive video. Using state-of-the-art technology, the viewer becomes fully immersed in a video experience as if they were actually present in the scene. Through a first-person perspective, users can experience and interact with their surroundings in a natural and intuitive way. Ultra HD Video Quality: Shoots in high definition for impeccable clarity. 3D Spatial Audio: Provides an immersive audio experience, allowing users to hear sounds from all directions. Compatibility: Works with most VR viewers on the market for an optimal experience.


TravelView is an immersive device for showing VR-content about regions attractions, combining sound and aroma subsystems, eye-tracking function, OTA update, placed in transit areas with high traffic of people and serving to effectively promote tourism within the country.
TravelView is a device for playing digital content in virtual reality with sound and aromatic accompaniment. While waiting for the aircraft in the airport, passangers can observe cultural objects and nature beauty of different regions of the county.
• Metal case of virtual reality glasses, servomotors, electronic subsystem, power supply
• Additional subsystems: additional effects subsystems (perfume diffuser, audio subsystem), Wi-Fi modem, LTE subsystem, remote update systems (OTA), data processing unit
Visual solution: TravelView device will look like binoculars, so that user can feel like explorer or traveler

Virtual Set

Virtual sets are revolutionizing the film and television industry Traditional set building is time-consuming and costly – virtual sets offer a cost-effective solution. A digitally created footage or real-life video) are displayed on a large LED screen, usually in a semi-circle formation with wall and ceiling. Actors can see their environment on the screens in the appropriate time and react accordingly. Directors can change that gorgeous twilight sky into a fiercely bright midday blaze. It is as well a pipeline of breakthrough technology from 3d models to postproduction delivering better quality/ results (increased flexibility, improved safety, enhanced visual effects) and reducing the time to market. We create turnkey project along with our skilled and trustable suppliers. Payback can be in less than 12 months It needs to act now. Investing in virtual sets is a smart business decision for any studio looking to stay competitive in the film and television industry.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye software performs for automatic analysis of audiovisual material and extraction of meta tags describing it. It implements automatic detection and classification of a large number of objects shown in video content (people, locations, actions, emotions) using AI algorythms.

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ur company is committed to shaping the future of the entertainment, museum and exhibition industry through tireless ideate, development or scout new technologies in international markets.

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We use our passion and dedication to implement cutting-edge unique experiences that advance knowledge and enchant the senses strengthening the connection between art, technology and the global community

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Every day our designers, engineers, artists and architects work together atelier style, pursuing a culture of learning, to imagine and provide amazing creative contents and sparkling visitors experience. We work on the event’s concept to come up with the best contents such as interviews, emotional videos, product presentations, seminars, training courses, and exclusive live events.

Technological platform

An over-the-top (OTT) / video on demand (VOD) platform delivers innovative video experiences to a browser, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV using the internet. Thanks to its internet-based delivery system, OTT platforms bypass third-party networks (e.g.: youtube) that traditionally managed online content. The only things customers need are an internet connection and a compatible hardware device.

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