Copper was the first metal extracted and processed by man, and gave a name to an era of Humanity development.
Today it is the third extracted metal and continues to be inextricably linked to the path of technological innovation.
Copper is part of our DNA of constantly evolving human beings.


What we did

General Contractor, surveyor

In collaboration with SIMMETRICO

RMK Innoprom Pavilion

The outside

The pavilion is a large hi-tech container that describe and narrate the RMK world from the outside. At the same time, it invites the visitor to enter and immerse himself in his world, performing a small experiential journey.

The external walls on the long sides of the pavilion are covered with a powerful ledwall “Communication machine” that actively uses the surface.
Initially, the texture of 3D triangular tiles is at rest.

Then start moving slowly and comes to life. Several effects of breaking the screen reveal photographs and video. We see a large hand that, by touching the triangles, activates and opens them.

On the ledwal we see flowing photos and videos that tell us about the RMK world.
In the highlights, we will see the key image of the creative project in full screen: a segment of DNA chain that twisting in a perpetual movement symbolizes the path of humanity.

Big dimensions. Great impact. Strong emotions!
The use of textures with triangular elements borrowed from the RMK brand is in continuity with the branding choices adopted in previous Innoprom editions.

The maximum duration of the loop is 15 minutes. The loop alternates 3 emotional show moments of 2 minutes each, at 3 slower and more evocative moments of 3 minutes each (stand-by loop). The three slow moments focus respectively on People, Technologies, Use of copper.

RMK Innoprom Pavilion


The spectator at the mouth of the tunnel, located at the main entrance, is attracted by one sequence of abstract moving images in the color palette and shapes recall the imagination of copper and its applications.

The installation is designed using the kaleidoscope principle, which draws in the childhood imagination of us all. Images are broken down and multiplied into symmetrical way, creating an enveloping and magical effect.
The maximum duration of the video loop is 3 minutes.

The LED DNA sculpture

The attention and symbolic center of the pavilion is occupied by a large installation-sculpture that develops for the entire height of the pavilion.
In addition to its size and aesthetic impact, the installation is essential for the kinetic effect.

RMK Innoprom Pavilion

Kinetic installation and prism with 3D hologram technology work together as one communicating column.
In the upper part, the structure resembles a DNA sequence whose horizontal segments rotate on themselves in a staggered way.

The various segments, thanks to LEDs, become themselves communication surface.
On the rotating elements we will visualize graphic contributions (the copper casting, the formation of the wire rod …) and video-graphic effects (energy beams, interweaving of lines and textures …).


Holographic Prism

The holographic pyramid at the base of the kinetic tower contains a physical cube which represents the molecular structure of copper. It twists from the cube upwards a spiral of copper spheres that resemble a DNA helix.

From one of these spheres generates a 3d hologram with a development of the spiral.
The visitor interacts by moving the hologram with his hands. He can choose between five equal spheres.

If it keeps the same for more than five seconds position on a sphere, the animation starts automatically.
The five spheres represent the great ideas that inspire the work of the company, in a logic of value for all stakeholders.


The theater

The theater tells RMK’s ability to collect and overcome challenges.
These are transverse stories, in which flow together technological innovation, organizational, business and social aspects.
We have identified six challenges, which narrate the “hot fronts” on which RMK is actively engaged.

The theater is spread over a length of 8 meters.
The scenic front is covered by a surface of triangular leafs that prevent the view of the content and create curiosity. Inside, 6 are exposed objects. Every object has a challenge.

When the visitor approaches, the theater perceives its presence and sets in motion. The leafs open at an object, and in allow viewing. Almost immediately a movie starts playing around the object, as if it were coming from the subject.

It is a rich 3D movie of visions and effects with video-graphics and holograms.


The path of the copper industry and its use in the “hot” areas of innovation is fascinating and rich of history and stories. This path is represented through 15 milestones, or milestones that go from the remote past into the future.

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